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About Labré

Labré advocaten is a mid-sized law firm, located in the De Lairesse building in Amsterdam. Built in 1932, this unique building was once home to the chemistry laboratories of VU University Amsterdam.

Labré believes in specialization, without losing sight of the bigger picture. We have made a well-considered choice to focus on four complementary fields of law that every business encounters sooner or later: Corporate Law, Real Estate, Administrative Law, Privacy Law and Employment Law. Labré advises and litigates within these specializations and represents large and medium-sized enterprises, government agencies, employee consultation bodies and individuals.

The lawyers of Labré make expert use of the very latest knowledge in their field and provide their clients with the support they need: clear and honest advice, with no airs and graces and no constraints. Our legal experts are backed by an enthusiastic team of secretaries, an office manager and a financial officer.

The lawyers of Labré are all members of the Dutch Bar Association (, the organization responsible for overseeing standards within the legal profession. In addition, they are affiliated with relevant specialist and industry associations.

If you would like to find out more about Labré advocaten and the services we provide or if you would like us to provide you with references, please feel free to contact one of our legal experts. They will be happy to tell you more about our firm, how we operate and what we can do for you.

What do other people have to say about Labré?

"Some years back, we made the deliberate choice of working with Tim Boer and his colleagues for issues we had with our real estate. The personal contact with a smaller office, their expertise and their reasonable charges were all decisive factors in this. This was a very good decision then, and remains so now."
(Klaas Evelein – General Counsel Benelux at Unilever)

"We first got in touch with Labré (in its previous incarnation) more than 10 years ago because one of their lawyers had made an excellent impression representing our opponent at the time. The quality of the legal support now means that we very rarely get involved in legal actions against that former opponent, so the success of the Labré law firm clearly has a beneficial flip side for them!"
(Kees Noomen – Coster Diamonds)

"We’ve had a good, amenable working relationship for years now. We’ve built up a strong rapport with them over the years, so that Labré guards our interests aslike a genuine partner and stakeholder. They’re proactive, and we can get in touch at any time."
(Rémy Voskamp – director, Vastgoed Wilgenhaege Fondsen Management BV)

"If we have clients with legal problems, I can always refer them on without hearing at a later date that things didn’t go according to plan. A deal is a deal and you don’t disappoint people. You can always approach them with questions or problems. I can’t imagine an easier access path."
(Rene van der Wals - Dik Smeding BV Architects)

"Labré Advocaten not only takes a lot of work off your hands, but also makes sure that your case fits in harmoniously with your business strategy, so that everything works out in the end; down to the smallest detail."
(Jan Overwater - Director Centimo B.V.)

"Labré is ‘down to earth’. They get on with things and deliver quality."
(Astrid Gharbharan - Vice President Legal at NIBC Bank)

"As a businessman and owner of a medium-sized business, we have found that the way we do our business has changed significantly over the past 10-15 years. We regularly have to fall back on legal advice for preparing and complying with contracts. Advice on labour law and dismissal procedures is also a must. Having initially worked with some of the large law firms, we’ve opted for Labré (LRT) for some years now. This medium-sized operation, with its range of specialists, meets our needs outstandingly well. Rapid assistance at the right price."
(Dick de Groot - Van Gelder Recycling Group; VG Recycling Group)

"Our clients (companies, employees of these companies, financial institutions and so on) regularly need lawyers who take care of the interest of our clients in civil law and administrative law. When we recommend a law firm to a client we need the absolute certainty that this firm will deal with his interests in an outstanding way. We have a long and outstanding relation with Labré, formerly known as LRT-advocaten. This relationship is good for both our clients and ourselves, as we can rely upon the fact that their interests are properly taken care of. A good lawyer needs not only knowledge of the law, but also a fighting spirit to use in service of the interests of histhe client. We are confident that the interests of clients are in good hands with Labré."
(Jurjen Pen – Lawyer)

"After years of great work, this is the ideal time to let you know how happy I am with your accessible, practical and ‘human’ way of doing business."
(Arne Barends – director, Effectory)

"As a fellow lawyer, I have exchanged client instructions with John van Loo of Labré advocaten since 2007. He is fantastically results-focused and he is quite clearly his clients' most trusted advisor. He has shared in the building of a commercial law firm of the highest quality. Always a pleasure to deal with, relaxed yet never casual – and fun! In summary – a true professional. Highly recommended!"
(Stuart Miller - Solicitor, Managing Partner Miller Rosenfalck LLP, Director of Warwick Legal International Network)

"Our relationship with the people at Labré, which we have had for some years now, is based on short communication lines, clear communications and straightforward solutions. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they always say what you might want to hear, but rather what you have to hear!"
(Sandra Bakker - Legal Counsel Saen Investments B.V.)

"Our offices have been working closely together for many years. One important element in choosing to work with Labré is that we approach our clients in very similar ways. Open, to the point and with the requisite expertise. This is a great benefit in a world where business is becoming ever more complex. I am convinced that the move to a new office is a step in the right direction for the further growth of the firm. As well as congratulating them on this milestone, I also hope that we’ll continue working together for years to come."
(Eric Annaert – Colliers International Netherlands B.V.)

"Labré is ‘down to earth’ . They respond rapidly and deliver quality."
(Astrid Gharbharan - Vice President Legal at NIBC Bank)

"It was in particular the “creativity” of the offered solutions in combination with the level of expertise and clarity that have led to Golfcentrum Amsteldijk ultimately having been realised."
(G. Loogman - Golfcentrum Amsteldijk)

"We have maintained an effective and agreeable working relationship for many years now. We are particularly impressed with the substantive quality of the advisory service and with the overall service level."
(Jerry Langelaar - Wilgenhaege Vermogensbeheer B.V.)

"Ron Andriessen of Labré Advocaten is called in to deal with all matters involving Dutch employment law."
(Maurits Star Busmann, director legal EMEA corporate & compliance bij NetApp)

Homan - Allicht

""The law is constantly subject to change and plays an increasingly important role in business transactions. That is why we want a partner who keeps us abreast of the latest developments. The lawyers of Labré have supported us since 2005 with their pro-active legal advice, to our complete satisfaction. They are skilled, professional, reliable and fast.""
(Peter Homan - Directeur Elektrotechnischbureau Homan B.V.)