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Why choose Labré advocaten?

You want your team, including your legal advisers, to perform properly, so you are careful about your choice of partners. Preferably, partners who are just as ambitious as you are.

Partners you trust and you can learn from. Partners you can rely on when push comes to shove. Who will take the initiative with you when the need arises, to make the difference for you.

You want an adviser who will be by your side. One you know. Expertise, reliability and accessibility at any time. Deadly serious when they have to be, but definitely not dull. An adviser with a vision and feel for the wider world.

With a hint of stubbornness when you need it. You want to make progress.

You want clear advice that lets you get on with the job in hand. This is why you work with professionals.

And why you will be at home with Labré advocaten.

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Legal 500

PropertyNL (the Netherlands’ largest independent research centre for real estate) recently published its latest annual ranking of the Top Real Estate Lawyers.

With its seven specialized real estate law professionals, Labré Advocaten was ranked in this year’s list of Top Real Estate Lawyers.

Labré Advocaten Labré Advocaten has been the new name of LRT-advocaten since 1 January 2013. The firm is run by John van Loo (business law), Ron Andriessen (labour law), Tim Boer (real estate) and Ramon Ridder (administrative law and construction law). The firm focuses specifically on the urban rental sector, with an emphasis on the residential market. In practice, this means Labré lawyers represent the interests of investors and private owners of major residential portfolios. The firm is currently advising a large group of private investors (landlords) on the topic of home-sharing, a hot topic now that the applicable regulations are being changed. Labré Advocaten was involved in the refurbishment of Unilever’s headquarters in Rotterdam. The firm advised Unilever on the terms of renewal of the rental contract.